Faculty may request to have the Film Office purchase new DVDs for the collection. All requests must be made in writing and require approval by the section AO.

To arrange a ‘lab’ evening screening, please submit your request 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. The Film Office will coordinate with Scheduling and A/V to secure a room and proper equipment for displaying the film. The Film Office will also provide a student projectionist responsible for the setup and closing of each screening.

Film Requests
Faculty may request to have a password protected web portal set up for each of their classes.  Films for students to view outside of class time can be put online to stream throughout the entire semester.  Requests are due two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  Requests may be submitted after the deadline but are not guaranteed to be ready by the start of the semester.

Video Transfers
The film office is able to transfer films from VHS, Betamax, and LaserDisc in any standard (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) to DVD. Please allow two weeks for processing your request. Please note that we only provide transfers for videos that will be used ‘in class,’ and not those for personal use.

Borrowing Equipment
The Film Office owns audio-visual equipment that is available for borrowing by all SHASS sections. Our equipment includes:

  • TV Monitors
  • VCRs (including a Tri-standard deck for PAL and SECAM playback)
  • DVD players for multiple regions (PAL, SECAM, NTSC)
  • portable projectors
  • CD boombox
  • slide projector
  • all manner of cables and connectors

Reservations for equipment must be made one week in advance. If you will have ongoing equipment needs, please inform the Film Office at the beginning of the semester. The instructor is responsible for transporting the equipment to and from the classroom.